Chicago Belt Co.’s Holiday Gift List

Looking for the perfect gift for your loved ones this year? Look no further, Chicago Belt Co. has compiled a list of our favorite gifts for this holiday season. Check them out!

180s Gloves: Get anyone on your list warm gloves with Tec Touch fabric pods on the index and thumb fingers to let you operate your phone, MP3 player, and camera without removing their gloves. They have college, NFL, and regular color options. Check out the Chicago Bears NFL Fleece pair below.

Notesbook Flask: A unique flask that the receiver can personalize themselves. Kinda nerdy, kinda awesome. Not the right thing? Check out the to find more unique gifts like it; they have everything from desktop golf, to a pen made out of old wooden Yankee Stadium seats, to bookends made out of recycled records.

Stemless Wine Glass Set: Wine drinking doesn’t have to be too fancy. This set is perfect for someone who frequently entertains or a friend that doesn’t have a great set of wine glasses.

Chicago Bulls Canvas Washed Bag:  The NBA lockout is over and this travel/gym bag (or a version of one of the other NBA teams) is the ideal for the basketball fan in your life to celebrate. Mitchell & Ness makes reproductions of vintage NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, and NCAA gear and has the exclusive rights to make vintage sports team jerseys – check out Michael Jordan’s on their site.

Bamix Immersion Blender: Perfect for puréeing soups and making smoothies without dragging out the food processor or blender. Get it for the cook/health freak/smoothie maker in your life.

Chicago Belt Co. Christmas Belt: A stylish, functional gift for the holiday season. Be sure to check our Twitter and Facebook pages for coupon codes and special offers!

Danielle Stevens Zodiac Necklace: Beautiful necklaces that feature your mom’s/girlfriend’s/sister’s zodiac sign and birthstone are a fun, affordable, sparkly gift that they can wear year round.

What’s on your holiday gift list? We want to know!


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