Great Lakes Vacation Spots

As it gets cooler, I find myself being nostalgic for those perfect summer days when jackets weren’t a necessity, the breeze is never brisk, and any day or weekend is perfect for going to the beach.

Usually the beach for me is in Chicago, but this summer I went to two new beaches in Michigan: Saugatuck and Petoskey. Both places were a blast, with fun downtown restaurants and shops, plenty of outdoor activities, and, of course, great beaches. The fact that I had never been to beaches so nearby made me wonder what other awesome places I had missed out on, so after some research I found this list on Midwest Living’s website. Among this list are places like Traverse City, Michigan, Mackinac Island, Michigan, Grand Marais, Minnesota, Lake Erie Shores and Islands, Ohio and so many more.

Which Great Lakes destination is your favorite? Show it off with our Great Lakes belt. And let us know what the Great Lakes mean to you, we are always coming up with new designs and want your feedback!

Hope you all had a great weekend and are staying warm!


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