GQ Style Section – “The Want”

One of our favorite places to check for the season’s must have items is GQ’s “The Want” list their homepage. “The Want” list currently includes varsity jackets, tipped polos, sneakers, loafers, best new designers x Dockers, and – our personal favorite – college classics. While all of these must-haves of the season are great looks, they also all could be accessorized with Chicago Belt Co. belts. While many of the accessories suggested on the “college classics” list don’t come cheap, Chicago Belt Co. will soon be giving schools a more affordable – yet still-stylish – option to show off their school spirit and rock the season’s trend.

Our “Great Lakes” belt is coming in a variety of colors, some of which are Midwest school colors. These belts are the perfect way to show pride for your university without being covered in school logos or mass-produced university products. Our website is going live soon, we will keep you in the loop about exact dates and company updates!


Thanks for reading and please check back soon!


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