5 Reasons To Sport a Chicago Belt Co. Belt

Before the Chicago Belt Co. website goes live, we want everyone to get excited about Chicago Belt Co. products and let you know how we have truly combined practicality and great style into each one of our designs for the launch.

Here are 5 reasons to Sport a Chicago Belt Co. Belt:

1)   You can wear it to work. According to The Newsweek article, “It’s Casual Friday, Every Day” even the most previously conservative offices are making their dress code policies less formal. Chicago Belt Co. belts are a practical, versatile, and preppy yet stylish way to dress up or down your office attire – whether its dark jeans, khakis, or casual dress pants.

2)   If have gone through high school, college, and your post-graduate life wearing belts that are covered in symbols that have no meaning to you, Chicago Belt Co. is one of the few brands that embodies and celebrates the Midwest and the Great Lakes lifestyle.

3)   It is a sturdy, comfortable, and lasting belt that is well worth its cost.

4)   Chicago Belt Co. is an interactive brand – we want to hear your feedback on everything so we are able to create products for our customers that they have a say in and truly enjoy.

5)   You identify as a Chicagoan – you know exactly what Mary Schmich is talking about in her advice about how people of the Windy City operate.

Hope you are all enjoying this beautiful fall weather. Thanks for reading and come back soon!


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