Growing up I always dreamed of starting my own company but never knew exactly what kind of business I wanted to get into. After graduating from the University of Dayton I did what most kids do (e.g. move back home and started working a desk job). The idea for a Midwest belt company always came up in my head, but I never thought it would be possible in the near future. As I started working nights and weekends developing my vision and researching, I realized that my dream could be attainable, but to have any chance at all I had to go for it. So, this summer I said good-bye to the corporate world and hello to a brand and products I am really passionate about.

To me, the Great Lakes lifestyle is smart, casual, distinctive, and top-notch in quality. Is there anything better than the perfect summer day in Chicago, a boat ride on Lake Michigan, or a football game? I want to create belts and other clothing items for the way people in the Midwest live that celebrate and showcase the pride for their roots. The Chicago Flag, map of the Great Lakes, and classic staples like seersucker are part of the first belt designs I have chosen to be part of the brand’s launch. To see more of what inspires me check out Chicago Belt Co.’s Tumblr page. The website goes lives soon, so get excited!

Thanks for visiting and come back soon.



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