About The Chicago Belt Company

The Chicago Belt Company is a brand that exemplifies Great Lakes pride with a twist on the casual belt.

Although inspired by the Great Lakes lifestyle, Chicago Belt Co. is for all people who are on the go and in pursuit of the American dream. The raw materials from which our products are constructed represent what makes America great – originality, hard work, and progressiveness – while the designs themselves illustrate why Chicago and the Midwest are so unique.

Brewed in Chicago with thoughtfully crafted patterns on only the finest materials; our belts are as durable as they are creative. These two features come in handy as the places to wear Chicago Belt Co. belts are unlimited: casual Friday, happy hour, a tailgate, on the golf course, in class, on a date, on a sailboat, to the beach, out to dinner, at a bar, to a meeting, traveling…you get the idea.

Our belts are designed to work. Whether you are going to the office or enjoying the weekend, not only will you be wearing a reliable belt – you will be signifying your Midwest pride while doing it.